Why is my Echo Flashing Yellow, Green, Red, Blue, Purple or Orange?

After setting up your Amazon Echo, you noticed that the light ring on top of the device is blinking yellow, red, blue, green, and may be orange. Here in this post, we are going to show you why your Echo is blinking with these various colors. Amazon Echo device uses these flashing colors to make you alert about the things happening on the Echo. As all the colors indicate the same things on all echo devices.

When all the lights are off:

The device is ON and waiting for the Alexa commands

Echo Flashing Yellow light Ring: 

When Alexa blinking yellow, this means a Message or Notification is there for you. To see them or want to listen just say “Alexa, Play my messages” or for notification “What are my notifications?”

Echo Flashing Green Light:

When Alexa is blinking green, it means that you received a call or, someone has dropped on your Echo device.

Echo with Solid Red Light Ring:

This indicates that a microphone is turned off on your devices. Want to enable it just press the microphone button.

Echo Flashing Blue:

This states that device is starting up and ready to listen to your commands. When, Alexa blinking blue, she wants you to talk to her.

Echo Flashing Purple:

When Echo flashing purple light ring color then this means that Do Not Disturb mode is enabled on you device.

Echo Flashing Orange:

When you see Orange light spinning in the clockwise direction on echo then it means the device is connecting to Wi-Fi network.

Flashing Violet Light Continuously:

This states that an error occurred during Wi-Fi connectivity setup of Echo device.

White Light Ring:

White light shows volume level adjustment on your device.

Green light spinning clockwise on Echo

This shows you are on active call, also means you are on active Drop In on echo device

Hope you got your answer of “Why is your Amazon Echo blinking Yellow, Red, Blue, Orange, Violet, Green, White or Purple?”


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  1. My Echo Dot keeps on showing a ring of purple (could be violet, I can’t really tell the difference) but it says it’s not in do not disturb and I reset the internet connection. Does anyone know what’s happening?


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