How to Setup and Use Echo Dot Smart Speaker (1st, 2nd 3rd, Gen Echo Dot)

Congrats, finally you got a new Amazon Echo Device. You might be on your way to ask Alexa to do something like Play Music, Turn on the lights, what’s on my Calendar, and many more things. Amazon Echo device is a voice-controlled speaker which lets’ you play music, create and manage shopping list, create to-do list, and also control other smart home devices. To make this happen well you have to set your New Amazon Echo Dot Device. Here we are going to show you a Complete Guide on How to setup Echo Dot.

Step 1: Download Alexa App

To setup echo device you need to Download Alexa App on any Smartphone, iPhone, Tablet or on Windows. Go to play store or app store on your device and search for “Alexa App”. Download and install the App. You can also Download Alexa App for PC from Microsoft Store.

Step 2: Plug-in the Echo Device

Echo doesn’t need any batteries; you can simply plug the power adapter with echo and then connect it with power outlet. Light rings on Echo will turn blue which means that the power is connected. Then, wait till the light rings turn to Orange which indicates that the Echo device has entered in setup mode.

Step 3: Connect Echo to Wi-Fi using Alexa App

In third step you have to connect your Echo device with your home Wi-Fi network. Open Alexa App and search for your Wi-Fi networks. If you owe multiple Echo devices, then go to Alexa Devices under the menu and select your devices for setup. In Wireless section, you would be able to see the Wi-Fi connection and then connect with your home network.

Step 4: Talk to Alexa

Start with the Wake Word “Alexa” which is added by default in all Amazon Echo Devices. If you want to change this wake word simple tell “Alexa, change the wake word.” You can also do this manually by opening Alexa App, tap on help and feedback. Then change the wake word.

Step 5: Echo is ready to Use

Congrats! Your Amazon Echo Device has been successfully setup and it’s ready to use. To make sure that everything is working properly, just a try a test with few simple commands “Alexa, what’s the Weather today?” If she is responding to your voice commands then it’s all doing well.

Now, you can start using your Echo device for Weather update, check traffic, create to-do list, calling and messaging to your friends and family, stream podcasts and also connect to other smart home devices.


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