How to get Samuel L. Jackson Voice on Alexa?

How to get Samuel L. Jackson Voice on Alexa?

Have you ever thought of Samuel L. Jackson’s voice on Alexa? Just imagine how you will feel to receive the voice from a famous personality! Today, in this article, we are going to discuss how you can obtain Samuel L.Jackson’s Voice on Alexa. Let’s check out the easiest process of obtaining Samuel’s voice on Alexa.

How You Will Obtain Samuel Jackson’s Voice on Alexa?

The whole world became excited to know the process. Here is the detailed process, just follow this one. First, you have to download the Alexa app from the play store.

  • You need to set up Alexa on your smartphone or on your iPhone. You can set it by Bluetooth also.
  • Give a command, “Alexa, let me introduce to the famous celebrity Samuel Jackson”.
  • Now, pay for the mandatory Alexa skill.
  • Verify your bargain or investment with Alexa.
  • You will find the option of enabling or disabling. You can choose according to your desire.
  • You will see your Alexa got connected with the voice of Samuel.

What is the cost of Samuel L? Jackson’s voice?

Samuel L. Jackson is a famous personality and no one needs his introduction. Alexa collaborated with the voice of Samuel L. Jackson. The estimated price of his voice is 99 cents. But we can’t assure you whether the price will remain fixed or not. It can jump up to $4.99 in a month. There is a huge demand for the price of Samuel L.Jackson, so the price will fluctuate.

How can you summon Samuel L Jackson’s voice?

You have to keep in mind one thing that you can’t replace Alexa’s voice with Samuel. So whenever you will give some command, you have to take the name of Alexa. For example, “Alexa, tell Samuel to call me at 6.30 in the morning”. Another example is “Alexa, what do we have for lunch today?”

By this way, you can listen to the voice of Samuel Jackson.


We have discussed the whole process of obtaining Samuel L Jackson’s voice on Alexa. You can also collaborate with other people with Alexa.


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