How to delete Alexa messages?

how to delete Alexa messages


It is undeniable that Alexa is a smart app. Alexa listens to all your commands and performs the duty well. Have you ever thought, whatever you are saying, Alexa, is recording everything? What would happen if some unknown person gets to know about the messages? It is not good, right? In this article, we are going to describe how to delete all the messages in Alexa. Let us check it out how it works.

What is the process to delete Alexa messages?

 If you are not comfortable to keep the Alexa messages, then it is better to delete those. If any person hears your messages, then it would be embarrassing. So, it is better not to risk your life. Follow the steps.

  • First, open the Alexa app in your smartphone.
  • Go to the settings of your phone and press the menu bar.
  • You will get the option of Alexa Account Menu. Select that.
  • Select Alexa Privacy.
  • You will get an option, to delete all the recording messages.
  • Your previous messages will be deleted. You can also check in the trash bin. If the messages are stored there, delete those.
  • If you like, you can also visit Amazon’s Content and Devices Pages. Press, Select your devices.
  • Press on the Alexa devices and erase all the messages.
  • After erasing, check the trash bin, if any messages are there or not.

There is another way also to delete your previous messages. You can give the command to Alexa, Alexa, delete all the messages which I have said today.

You will notice, all your messages have been deleted. I think the easiest way to delete the messages is by giving the commands.


There is no doubt that Alexa is an important app if you are using a smartphone. But at the same time, you also have to remain careful, whether it can create a problem in your life or not. We have given all the details on how to delete all the previous messages in Alexa, we hope you will find this article to be suitable.


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