How To Set When The Echo show Is Not Responding?

Echo Show Is Not Responding


With the coming up of the Echo Show, our life became comfortable as well as easy. It became a part of our life. By giving a voice command to the Echo Show, one can easily do his work. Have you ever thought, how to fix your Echo Show when it is not responding to your voice? Let us see the features of setting it up.

  1. Turn On The Microphone.

The first thing that you have to do is to check your microphone. It is the input medium by which your voice is reaching Alexa. You may say that it acts as an ear of your voice assistant. Sometimes it happens that the microphone turned off. If your microphone turned away, then how much effort you would do, nothing would happen. To fix your microphone problem, you need to hold the mic button. If you can’t find it, then look at the top surface of your Echo Show. Now, give some command to your Echo Show, for instance, Alexa, tell me what is the time? If it answers you back, then well and good, otherwise move to the next option.

  1. Restart The Echo Show

Sometimes restarting the machine helps in clearing all the mess inside it. Before restarting, you need to see whether Alexa can listen to you or not. If you see that the blue light is glowing, it means Alexa can hear you. If the light is not glowing, it means that the microphone is off. Turn on the microphone with the process as we discussed above. Now disconnect the device from the main power show and unplug all the wires which are there on the bottom of your Echo show. Wait for a few seconds and remove the charges from the device. Now, connect the wires to the relevant points. You have to wait for two to three minutes until the device gets connected with your wifi. As soon as it gets connected with your wifi, say something to Alexa, and see whether it is working or not.

  1. Check Your Echo Show Privacy

It often happens that Alexa is not responding even after all the measures you have tried. Then change the privacy setting of the Echo Show. It is an important step, changing it might help you. You can view a button of Alexa at the lower side of the nucleus screen. Press the button, it will enable Alexa. Press the same button twice, then Alexa will start listening to you.

  1. Use Voice Training

It might also happen that the Echo Show is unable to recognise your accent. Different people speak in a different language. The best option for setting this problem is to open the Voice Training Tool. Open the Alexa app and go to the menu and select settings. Select the Voice Training Option. Now, slowly and speak some phrases which are necessary to give the command to Alexa. It will help Alexa to understand your voice command effectively.

  1. Reset your Echo Show For Its Factory Setting

When you have tried all the measures and failed, then resetting your Echo Show will be the last option left for you to do. But you have to keep in mind that the factory setting will clear all the factory settings from your device. To perform the resetting, you need a paperclip. Locate the reset hole at the base of your Echo Show and tap the reset button with the help of your paperclip. You will view that the blue light turns into orange. The device will turn off and on of its own. You have to wait for a few seconds for the entire process to complete. Now, go to the Alexa app and do Alexa set up from your Amazon Echo Show device. It might help the Echo Show to respond.


It is very frustrating when you find your Echo system is not responding properly. We have discussed some measures, which will help you to fix the problem. It is expected that you can overcome the problem. If you find that still, your Echo system is not functioning, after trying all the measures, then some hardware systems have occurred. You can’t fix the hardware issue on your own, for this, you have to visit the customer service centre. Hopefully, you can fix the Echo Show.


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