Can Alexa Play Apple Music?

Along with controlling smart home devices, Alexa lets you play music, set alarm, create a to-do list, create and manage a shopping list and many more smart things. When it comes to play music on Alexa devices, Amazon has included its own music services, as well as other streaming music from Pandora, Spotify, iTunes, and Radio. If you ask, how about the Apple Music on Alexa device? So as of now, Apple Music is not supported on Alexa. But from Dec 17, 2018, Amazon will let you control Apple music with Alexa. For the time being, you can Stream Apple Music on Echo Devices using Alexa by following these simple methods:

How to Connect Apple Music to Amazon Echo using Bluetooth

As of now, you came to know that Apple Music doesn’t come by default with Amazon Echo and Amazon has not added this to any Echo Devices as of now. But don’t get sad, we will show you some steps on “How to Play Apple Music on Alexa via Bluetooth.”

Step 1: Turn Bluetooth on your Alexa Echo. For this, you just have to say “Alexa, Pair”.

Step 2: Now, pair your Apple Device with Echo. Make sure it should be in a Bluetooth range of your Echo Device.

Step 3: Then open your device’s Settings> Bluetooth. Your Echo device will be available under the list of Bluetooth devices. Tap on the Echo device to connect. Or you can simply say “Alexa, Connect to Bluetooth”.

Step 4: Now, start streaming your Apple Music Playlist to Echo.

Great! All your Apple Music will now stream on Alexa.

If you want to disconnect the Bluetooth, simply say “Alexa, Disconnect”.

How to link Apple Music with Amazon Echo to play Music without Bluetooth

Bluetooth is a great way to play music on the echo. But, sometimes it’s not possible, might be you have to carry your phone all the time. So, now another question may arise in your mind that “Can Alexa play Apple Music without Bluetooth?” So, again my answer is “Yes”.

To play Apple Music on Echo you have to make some things work with Alexa. As you know that Apple Music files are in the Encrypted format under DRM Protection. Under DRM Protection means that music files on Apple devices can only play within Apple’s ecosystem like iPhone, iPad, or iPod. You can install DRmare Audio Converter which will helps you in this situation.

Install the software and follow these steps:

Step 1: Add Apple Music to DRmare Audio Converter which you want to convert.

Step 2: Turn M4P Music files into a simple music file (format should be MP3) which the Echo supports.

Step 3: Software will remove DRM with just 1 click “Ok”

Step 4: Now upload Apple Music to Amazon which can be accessed using Alexa

Hurry! Your Apple Music has been added to your Amazon Music that can be accessible by Alexa Echo. Now, when you want to play music added on Amazon, just command “Alexa, Play Amazon Music”.

Congrats! And enjoy your day with your lovely and favourite songs.


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