How will you set Alexa when it is not working on Sonos’s one?

Alexa Not Working on Sonos One


Alexa is a smart app. People are using it for the last few years. It has made our life a good one. Sometimes, due to some problem, Alexa stops working on Sonos’s one. Do you know how to set it up? If you don’t know, then this article is for you. Follow the steps and guidelines and you will get your answer.

Here are some of the ways by which you can fix your Alexa if it is not working on Sonos one.

Alexa says that she has no Sonos speaker.

First, register your Sonos account with the Alexa app. You will get to know that your Alexa is not connected to the speaker. Here are the ways by which you can fix it. Check your wi-fi connection and start working on it.

  • Launch the Sonos app on your mobile.
  • Go to settings and tap the system.
  • Sign in to your Sonos account if your device is not registered. Signing in will help you to register with the account.
  • Press the option Tap My System, in the settings section.
  • In this section, you will get to know all the associated hardware and the version. Check whether all the products are registered or not.

This is one of the problems by which you can set your Alexa with the Sonos. If it doesn’t work, then let’s see the other one.

Update your device

  • Introduce the Sonos app on your iPhone.
  • Go to the settings and press system option.
  • Press on the system update. Toggle the update automatically slider.
  • Scroll down and check for updates.
  • Update your device, it might work.

If you still face a problem, then we have another option for you.

Check the speaker names and rooms.

If both your light and speaker are named Living Room, you will not realise whether your Sonos speakers are set up or not. You should know that your Sonos speaker appears under the name which encloses a wifi-connection.

  • Install the Alexa app on your iPhone.
  • Press the menu icon and go to skills and games.
  • Press on your skills and tap Sonos from the list of skills.
  • Go to settings and select the option Manage Smart Home Devices.
  • Tap All Devices to view all your connected devices.
  • Choose the product which you expect to be your Sonos speaker. Press on it to verify it is, in fact, the Sonos speaker or not.
  • See the name of the speaker which Alexa uses for talking.

If this also didn’t help, then check the other option.

Check the skill of Alexa if you are possessing other Sonos speakers.

We have reached almost the last step, which might help you in getting your Sonos connected with the Alexa. See the steps.

  • Install the Alexa app on your iPhone.
  • Go to the menu icon, and press skills and games
  • Press on your skills. Choose Sonos from the list of skills.
  • Go to the Settings, and select the option Manage Smart Home Devices.
  • Press the add button which is present in the upper right corner. The symbol is like a plus symbol.
  • Press Add Device and choose
  • Choose Sonos and press on the Discover Devices.
  • If Alexa is unable to find the speaker, then come back to the Sonos skill menu, by pressing the close button.
  • Press on the Disable Skill to unlink your account.
  • Now reset your skill and we expect that your Alexa will work on Sonos.


We have given almost all the relevant information regarding Alexa. These are the major steps that you need to perform if you find that your Alexa is not working on Sonos one.


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