How will you set if Alexa doesn’t work on a Firestick?

alexa not working on firestick


Alexa is such an interesting app that after using it, no one can’t stop using it. In this article, we will describe how you can set if Alexa doesn’t work on the Firestick. Follow the steps, and you will get your answer.

What are the steps to fix Alexa on Firestick?

  • Switch on your television with your Fire TV plugged in. You should also check if your wi-fi is working or not. After checking, you can see that Alexa will automatically link to your wi-fi.
  • Open the Alexa app in your smart phone and press the three-bar icon on the left side corner of the menu. After that go to settings.
  • Press the TV and Video option which is there on the Fire TV.
  • Your Fire TV name will appear. Press it and link them.
  • After following all the steps, if you see that it is not working smoothly, then it’s time to perform some magic trick of the digital world.
  • Reboot your phone which is followed by Echo speaker, if it is available and Fire TV.
  • If you see that Alexa is still not working, then switch off your router also.

Check your wi-fi.

  • Coming to the next point, if you see that Alexa is still not connecting, then let me tell you that Alexa app and Fire TV need to be connected with the same wi-fi network. Then only it will connect successfully, and you have to also connect with the same Amazon account. It means that if your Alexa app is running on one account and the Fire TV is running on another, then Fire TV will not work.

Check your time-zone.

  • You also have to check whether they are in the same time zone or not. The issue might occur if they are not kept in the same time zone.
  • To change the time zone, open the app, and tap the device. Press on Alexa and Echo.
  • You will get an option, Alexa on this phone, press it. Set the time zone which is there on the Fire TV.
  • If you want to change the time of your Fire TV, then go to Fire TV and click on preferences. Choose the time zone, keep it the same as the Alexa app.

Update Alexa and Fire TV.

Sometimes it happens that both the Alexa and the Fire TV are on the same network, but still, it can’t detect the Fire TV. This might be the reason as one is an older version and another one is newer. In that case, you have to update the Alexa app from the play store. Update it. For Fire TV, go to settings and click on the option, Check for System Update.

Unlink and relink Fire TV.

Sometimes the problem occurs. So, if you see that Fire TV is not working with the Alexa app even after linking, then it would be better if you unlink the TV and connect it again. For unlinking, follow the steps.

  • Open the Alexa app and click the sidebars from settings.
  • You will get an option, TV and Video, click that.
  • Press the Manage device and press the unlink device.
  • After that link again. It is expected that it will work out.
  • You should keep in mind one thing, that for linking, you need to switch to the main Amazon account to link them.


There are various reasons for which Alexa might not get connected with Firestick. We have discussed almost every possible idea by which you can set up your Alexa with the Fire TV.


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