How to fix Alexa if it does not respond to the Voice?


alexa not responding to voice command


We all know how Alexa helps us by listening to all our commands. You don’t have to press anything; all you need to do is to give the order. Have you ever wondered what will happen if Alexa stops working? Don’t panic. We will discuss how to fix Alexa if it does not respond to the Voice.

How to fix Alexa does not respond to the Voice issue?

  • Check your microphone

First, check whether you have muted your microphone or not. How to know that? The light ring will be shown red; then, you can realize that your microphone became muted. Instead of worrying, press the button with the microphone xed out. It will resolve your problem, and you can hear it.

  • Take out the plug.

If you notice that your Alexa is not muted, it is still not responding, then just disconnect the echo power chord. You unplug the plug for a while, then plug in back. It might help you to resolve your problem.

  • Check the Internet connection.

You know that a strong, robust connection is needed. So, if you see that Alexa is not responding, check your wi-fi connection or your mobile data. If you realize that your internet is not working, then troubleshoot the connection.

  • Reboot your device

If you see that everything is working fine, then reboot your device. Sometimes your device became slow, so switching it off may set the problem.

  • The reset button

Resetting your device will be the last option. If everything fails, then you have to reset your device. Take a pin and press the tiny factory reset button on the first-generation echo. In the case of a new generation, hold the microphone and the volume buttons down at a time. It will help in setting your setting device to its factory device. Use this method only when all the options have failed to satisfy you.

  • Check your pronunciation

Sometimes, Alexa can’t understand what you are saying. Different people speak in different dialects, so it might happen that Alexa might not understand what you want to mean. It would be better if you check your pronunciation. You can also do one thing, just speak slowly and loudly, so that Alexa can read what you exactly want to mean.

  • Dust your Echo

It would be better if you dust your echo. Sometimes the echo filled up with various types of first, which might block the microphone. For existing, don’t use a safety pin and any needle. It might damage your echo. So, just rub your echo with dry clothes or compressed air to dust your echo.


Alexa is a smart app, and once you are habituated of using it, you can’t get rid of it. So, follow these guidelines. These will prove helpful to you. It is anticipated that you can solve your problem if you follow these rules. If your Alexa is not functioning, then it is better to take your smartphone to your nearest shop.


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