(Fixed) Alexa Multi Room Music/Audio not Working or Device Unreachable

Alexa Multi-Room Music lets you play and control music on multiple Echo devices and other compatible speakers at the same time. While playing favorite music on your Echo and suddenly your Multi-Room Audio not working or it’s unreachable then there might be some technical issue. These problems are common that might occur while using Alexa Multi-Room. We are going to show you some solutions that might help in resolving the issue.

What to do When Alexa Multi-Room Music not working?

  • At very first, you have to unplug all the Echo devices which are connected to Alexa Multi-Room Groups. Also, unplug the router and modem connected to the Echo device.
  • Wait for 5 min and then plug-in the modem
  • Stop till the modem gets online
  • Wait for 1-2 minute then plug-in the Router
  • Stop till the Router gets active
  • Never plug all the devices at once

As of now, the Multi-Room Music supported on these Echo Devices:

  1. Echo 1st Generation
  2. Echo 2nd Generation
  3. Echo Dot 1st Generation
  4. Echo Dot 2nd Generation
  5. Amazon Echo Spot
  6. Amazon Echo Show
  7. Amazon Echo Plus

Another Easiest Solution:

  • You can also try to delete the previous Group and re-create a new one on Amazon Alexa App
  • To check if it’s working or not: Ask, “Alexa, Play (Music Name) on (Group)”

What to do When Alexa Multi-Room Music is Unreachable?

  • While solving this issue make sure that all Echo devices are ON
  • Check the Wi-Fi connectivity on All Amazon Echo Devices
  • Now, check your Alexa Multi-Room again
  • If it’s working then good, If not then move to the next step
  • Start creating a new Groups and delete all the previous one
  • Name them a unique name, that never used before
  • After finishing the group setup try Alexa Multi-Room Music Commands to check them

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