Amazon Echo Devices

Amazon Echo is one of the voice-recognition smart speaker enable with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functionality. Amazon has announced many more devices under Echo Family, all of them have Alexa Voice Assistance at its core. Amazon echo comes in cylindrical shape which integrates personal voice assistance called Alexa, much more like Google Assistance, Siri, and Cortana. Amazon Echo family having a collection of devices like Echo Dot, Echo Show, Echo Plus, Echo Spot, Echo Sub, Echo Link and Link Amp, Echo Auto, Amazon Tap, Echo Look,  Echo Wall Clock and Echo Input. All these devices play a vital role in making your home a smart home.

Who is Alexa?

Amazon Echo Devices runs on Wake Word which is called “Alexa”. It’s a digital voice assistance who easily recognises any of the commands spoken by you. Commands like “What’s special today?” “Set Alarm” “play music” and many more.

Features of Amazon Echo

Smart Home

  • Alexa lets you connect with other smart home devices.
  • Alexa lets you control a variety of smart home devices by voice.


  • Listen to your Music.
  • You can Control music and entertainment by voice with Alexa.
  • Alexa helps to play Multi-Room Music on Echo Devices.
  • Alexa Devices can be used to control your Fire TV.


  • Alexa Calling and Messaging feature makes you call and receive between supported echo devices at no additional cost.
  • Alexa Drop In feature lets you connect with your friends and family.
  • Alexa can make announcements on all compatible Alexa enabled devices on your account, like a one-way intercom.

Help around the House

  • You can connect Alexa to your personal or work calendars.
  • Alexa lets you set Alarm using your voice and its setting can be managed in the Alexa app.


How Amazon Echo is helpful for disable person:

Virtual Assistance has become more famous among disabled people, which is taking a new place in disabled community. With Amazon Echo devices disabled person can enjoy their life easily and happily.

As you know Amazon Echo devices is a personal assistance which lets you give a voice commands and things are done easily by Alexa.  Not just follow your command but also connects to your smart home gadgets and lets you take a full control over them using your voice only.

For Disable people either they are blind, not able to move Amazon Echo plays a vital role in their life. Amazon Echo Devices get the things done in five second which might take 5 minutes or more to be done by them.

Few things a Disable Person can ask with their Amazon Echo:

  • Radio: “Alexa, ask Radioplayer to recommend a station” or “Alexa, ask Radioplayer to play Classic FM”,
  • Podcasts: “Alexa, play 99% Invisible on TuneIn” or “Alexa, play This Week in Tech on TuneIn”
  • Jokes: “Alexa, tell me a joke”
  • News: “Alexa, give me the news”
  • Facts: “Alexa, how tall is Queen”
  • Timers and Alarms: “Alexa – set a timer for 5 minutes” or “Alexa – wake me up at 6”
  • Books: “Alexa, play Ready Player One on Audible”

Common issues and problem occur with Amazon Echo Device:

  • Alexa Setting up problems
  • Alexa is not responding
  • Alexa doesn’t understand me
  • Alexa won’t connect to other devices
  • Alexa disconnects from Wi-Fi
  • Alexa won’t connect to my Bluetooth Devices
  • Streaming Services aren’t working

If you are facing these issues then Contact Echo Customer Care. We are here to assist you 24*7 to resolve and fix all the issues and problem you are facing with your Amazon Echo Devices.